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The Rupin Banker Group; Your Reliable Sourcing & Procuring Partner In International Trade

by admin / Friday, 07 August 2020 / Published in Banker Group, Rupin Banker Group

The Banker Group founded by Mr. Rupin Hemant Banker is a thoroughly modern trading establishment with cross-sectorial interests spanning global markets. The Group commenced activities in 2003 and has since established itself as a reputable global business and a large-scale trader of commodities, with additional interests in real estate, and healthcare.

But our journey is the culmination of five generations of business acumen – one that started in India where generations of the Banker family were involved in real estate, coffee plantations, and commodities. Overtime, Banker Group was formed as an entity that brought consistency, performance, and transparency to the diverse businesses under its umbrella. The Group has a strong set of corporate values and principles that we are disseminating to all our branches and operations across the globe.

It’s a wonder that what started out as an India-centric operation now has branches worldwide and six offices in global capitals of commerce. Regardless of which location we’re approached in, suppliers, logistics partners, traders, and financial institutions can rest assured of consistently high standards, transparency, financial reliability, logistics and sourcing expertise. Our founder Mr. Rupin Hemant Banker believes in simplicity, excellence, outstanding service, motivated teams, loyalty, and respect to inform all our processes and transactions worldwide.

When it comes to international trade, it is complicated enough on paper. When you consider the sum total of manpower and moving parts required to make it happen, it’s downright daunting. By offering our clients enhanced sourcing, lower prices through aggregated volume, competitive financing options, local expertise, end-to-end oversight, and ongoing fulfillment services, we bring things back down to earth. We tend to all of the minutiae of international trade so that our clients can focus on what’s most important: And we are proud to be able to use its reach, local knowledge and financial strength to secure excellent terms for clients. We are on an exciting journey of growth and are open to avenues of collaboration as we look for new opportunities on the global stage.

The reason The financial strength and ability to buy in bulk allows us to deliver price competitiveness coupled with transparency, reliability and consistently high levels of service delivery. The Group has standardized its trading processes and service delivery to deliver successful trading opportunities and genuine value for clients. And that was easily visible in their recent activities when they received a bulk order from West Africa. We’re continuously striving to add value to our clients. Visit our website to know more!

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