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Rupin Hemant Banker Group: An International Trade Giant, The Banker Group Reveals Its Core Business Involvement

by admin / Monday, 20 July 2020 / Published in Banker Group

The leading global trader of Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Metals, Softs, and Infrastructure supplies, the Banker group sums up its company values, involvement, in one place. We have established our offices in major economic hubs such as India, Dubai, Hong Kong and London. With a global network potentiality of importing, exporting commodities efficiently and the corporate values followed by our founder Rupin Banker, we have garnered a global reputation within a brief time. 

Our understanding of the disadvantages that individual traders face in an increasingly complicated and fractured international economy, has been developed by the years of working closely with individual traders. With a wealth of international resources at our disposal, we work to mitigate their issues while following the values set by Rupin Hemant Banker. 

The Banker Group’s Eccentricity In a Nutshell

Our founder and chairman Rupin Hemant banker believes in addressing the needs of the individual trader directly. The common issues that traders face are, 

  • Having no means to purchase in large volumes which results in an increased cost of goods and resources to move them. 
  • Quality assurance can be quite intricate without eyes and ears on the ground to conduct proper inspections. 
  • With many producers demanding payment upfront, finding the right line of credit can be tricky business.

In order to solve these rising issues, we handle the sourcing and procurement of goods, ensuring that our clients get exactly what they need in terms of quality and quantity. In addition, our own line of credit and access to international financing allow us to get our clients the financing they need to conduct their transactions. Finally, our global supply chain facilitates the smooth, long-term flow of our clients’ and producers’ trade goods all across the world.

About Banker Group

The Banker Group is a diversified global investment and commodity trading operation, operating since 2003. Initially, we started our operation when our founder and chairman Rupin Banker set up Maplewood Trading. The area of work was solely centered in India back then. Later as the company started gaining its repute as a volume trader of pharmaceutical intermediates and other commodities, we started expanding our interest areas. In 2011, the Group expanded into commodities while also initiating its first overseas office in London.

With this International exposure, the Banker group unlocked massive opportunities for better customer service, price competitiveness and local access. This further turned the Banker Group into a partner for choice for traders and manufacturers worldwide.

The Founder Rupin Banker Explains the Interest Areas of the Banker Group

We have also expanded our interest areas in real estate, education and healthcare. With our financial strength and ability to buy in bulk, we deliver price competitiveness coupled with transparency, reliability and premium service delivery. In order to deliver successful opportunities and offer genuine value, we have standardized our trading processes. However, our area of interest include, 

  • Healthcare

We have extended our healthcare activities through its Maia Healthcare Dental LLC arm besides holding the Middle Eastern establishment for UK dental health chain Dentist Direct. The Group’s medicinal services convey premium quality dental procedures through effortless and syringeless strategies that are put to use by our world-class dental pros.

  • Real Estate

The Banker Group’s real estate arm has a reputation for effective trades in real estate assets. Our group has collected a portfolio of income-generating assets in India and the developed world, and also owns land banks in Dubai and India. We are specialized in adaptable deal-making abilities that incorporate private equity arrangements and buyback alternatives for merchants requiring instant liquidity.


The Banker Group is a prolific high-volume trader in a range of commodities. The Group’s global reach, financial stability, local sourcing knowledge, and standardized operating procedures make it a supply chain partner of choice for global businesses. Visit our website to know more – Banker Group!

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