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Royal Fort Infracom LLC, a part of the Banker Group offers a helping hand to Malaysian infrastructure projects. Malaysian government and large corporations have been battling to source infrastructure supplies because of the current emergency situation, created due to the Covid-19 lockdowns across the globe. Presently, with the assistance of Banker Group, founded by Mr.

Rupin Banker

  As the world faces a sudden global pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis, it has been revealed that countries are much dependent upon a reliable global supply chain in terms of critical medical supplies including PPE and other items. These are essential items to protect doctors, EMTs, nurses, and others who’re on the front lines of

Rupin Hemant Banker

The impact of the COVID-19 has been quite devastating to everyone, not just from the perspective of health but from a business perspective as well. There are innumerable businesses that have suffered due to the pandemic. One of the most unavoidable disruptions is seen in the global supply chain management as the countries that were

Rupin Banker

Logistics is a crucial component of supply chain management. It involves carrying out goods, information, services, planning from the point of origin to the point of delivery. It aligns the transportation and intricate pattern of traffic, shipping, exportation, importation, warehousing, and customer service. The Banker Group, founded by Rupin Banker has a global network capable

Rupin Hemant Banker

Businesses depend on reliability. No enterprise exists only by itself, it requires a systematic approach to help them ease the process. One may realize this interconnected nature in the enterprise field sooner or later. One of the crucial aspects of a business that requires significant attention and expertise in the management of its supply chain.

As the competition is stepping up in the business realm, it’s becoming more and more important in today’s world to work towards the benefits of clients. However, being a global business operation, the Banker Group, we are proud to be able to use our reach, local knowledge, and financial strength to secure excellent terms for

Robotic process automation is a technology that allows an individual to configure the bots to integrate the human interacting actions within the digital system that further executes a smoother business process. The RPA bots are designed in a way that uses the user interface for capturing data and manipulating applications like human operation. These bots

The Banker Group is a group of companies that are established as leaders in global supply chain  founded by Rupin Hemant Banker. The group main interests are in Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Chemicals, Infrastructure Equipment, Consumables, Energy and Metals. It already has established offices in major economic hubs globally to coordinate sourcing, logistics and offer a

As the number of COVID -19 cases along with awareness that protective PPE may be the best protection until a vaccine is commercially available to the masses, has created a skyrocketing demand for personal protective equipment. The sudden demand in Billions of Dollars for each country has created a high demand –  supply shortage scenario. 

The Banker Group founded by Mr. Rupin Hemant Banker is a thoroughly modern trading establishment with cross-sectorial interests spanning global markets. The Group commenced activities in 2003 and has since established itself as a reputable global business and a large-scale trader of commodities, with additional interests in real estate, and healthcare. But our journey is