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Gaze The Ways How The International Supply Chain Group, The Banker Group Has Continued Thriving During The Pandemic

by admin / Friday, 06 November 2020 / Published in Banker Group

The impact of the COVID-19 has been quite devastating to everyone, not just from the perspective of health but from a business perspective as well. There are innumerable businesses that have suffered due to the pandemic. One of the most unavoidable disruptions is seen in the global supply chain management as the countries that were largely affected by the ramification of this virus are the heart of the global supply chain. 


As a result, people have experienced depleting stock, labor shortage, transportation restriction, stalled production, slower shipments, incomplete deliveries, inflated costs, unfulfilled orders, and whatnot. The current environment has created disruptions in the supply and demand chain which caused more severe damage in many businesses. However, the Banker Group founded by Rupin Hemant Banker, being a global supplier of Pharmaceuticals, Commodities &  Infrastructure Equipment has successfully thrived to evolve during this time. 


The group has looked at the situation strategically and aligned the plan smartly to help propel the growth in the future and gain a competitive advantage in the long run. The containment of this virus played a significant role in disrupting the supply chain management and it can only return to the previous conditions once the vaccine is developed. However, natural disasters shouldn’t be the reason to stop companies from growing. 


Banker Group, have been successfully emerging even in this situation with the help of its international resources.  As per Rupin Banker, “We have long standing relationships and connections with major producers around the world. Also, we don’t just work with market leaders in the sectors we trade-in. We identify and cultivate relationships with smaller producers and suppliers that are known for their high caliber reputations. This model allowed us to succeed in this horrible time.”


Another reason behind the success of the Banker Group during Covid-19 is the integration of technology to process supply chain management. They have already integrated the supply chain management with RPA technology to build in greater resilience. This greater visibility into such intricate supply chain operations has equipped the organization to reduce supplier exposure and risk. There are unique supply chain technologies emerging across the globe to improve the end-to-end supply chain management and support companies to respond strategically to such global shocks. 


What was a traditional linear supply chain is now transforming to DSNs or digital supply chain networks. However, Banker Group has leveraged artificial intelligence to emerge in this unfortunate time. RPA or robotic process automation is an ideal solution to boost the overall supply chain process. The technology helps to automate and accelerate the tasks that were previously performed manually. It minimizes the inefficiency in the business operation and automates the data-driven activities. This is how the group has successfully managed to thrive during the global pandemic. 


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