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The Reasons Why A Reliable Supplier Is Crucial To Ensure Proper Deliveries of Covid-19 Essentials

by admin / Friday, 06 November 2020 / Published in Banker Group


As the world faces a sudden global pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis, it has been revealed that countries are much dependent upon a reliable global supply chain in terms of critical medical supplies including PPE and other items. These are essential items to protect doctors, EMTs, nurses, and others who’re on the front lines of the pandemic. Unlike any other raw materials, delivery malfunctioning can lead to major trouble as these kits are essential to fight against the global pandemic. Since there’s a sudden demand for an umpteen number of PPE kits, the medical professionals are facing issues in terms of unsatisfactory supplies of these products. This is because there are new suppliers venturing into the logistics operation to cater to the humongous demand with fictitious cargo and lack of certificates to clear the custom. 


The primary intricacy that disrupted the supply of these essential items is that most of these masks are manufactured in one of the highly affected countries, China. In normal times, the delivery may not be a major concern. But at this time, when PPE kits are extremely crucial for the people who’re continuing their duty to save other’s lives, there can’t be any malfunctioning delivery. As the virus spread globally after it killed innumerable people in China, other countries – including the major PPE manufacturers such as  Germany, France, and South Korea – severely restricted the exportation of such precious cargoes. So, within a few weeks, the global PPE market hit a hurdle.  That’s the reason why the Banker Group, founded by Rupin Hemant Banker has taken initiative being the global trader of pharmaceuticals and other essentials. 


The group is overcoming the issues by offering high-quality PPE supplies with proper certifications of Government and offering long credit payment terms. This means the buyer can take flexible credit and make payment 30-60 days after the successful delivery of the PPE. This has immensely benefited affected countries and their citizens to fight against the ramification of the virus. There’s also a huge risk with scams and other unscrupulous suppliers involved with unprofessional suppliers which increases the risk. Countries are fighting hard to deal with such terrifying situations as everyone needs to keep their people safe, especially those who’re on the front lines. But partnering with unprofessional and inexperienced suppliers can only increase the price, tightened supplies, increase cargo and logistics costs, and whatnot. 


Banker Group, being the global trader, believes in doing more than their due diligence when it comes to sourcing only the finest goods at the most reasonable price. Having long-standing relationships and connections with major producers around the world, the group founded by Rupin Banker is able to address the needs of such an umpteen number of PPE supplies. 

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