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The Importance Of Logistics In A Supply Chain & How Banker Group Is Leading Towards Logistics Automation

by admin / Wednesday, 21 October 2020 / Published in Banker Group

Logistics is a crucial component of supply chain management. It involves carrying out goods, information, services, planning from the point of origin to the point of delivery. It aligns the transportation and intricate pattern of traffic, shipping, exportation, importation, warehousing, and customer service. The Banker Group, founded by Rupin Banker has a global network capable of importing and exporting commodities both economically and efficiently with offices in major economic hubs such as India, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. 

Companies see logistics as a crucial blueprint of supply chain management as it’s crucial to manage the business operation seamlessly. Any successful business leader understands the crucial importance of logistics in their business. The Banker Group being a leading global trader with a wealth of international resources at our disposal, we work closely with individual traders to ensure the precision and convenience of all of their transactions. 

However, the logistics and supply chain are often confusing despite the thin line present between the two. Logistics is a focused concept that indicates the globalization of resource management from every local unit. However, supply chain management is a complex process that involves logistics and conduct end-to-end optimization within the enterprise and counterparties. The purpose of logistics management is to achieve the highest profitability and competitive advantage over others. This is why the integration of innovative processes of logistics management is undeniably crucial to managing it seamlessly. The following are the functions of logistic management within the supply chain. 



  • Warehouse Management


The importance of logistics in supply chain management can never be overlooked. It covers several tasks including the design of storage facilities for product storage, the transportation of goods within using various automated solutions, etc. The efficient logistics management that the Banker group provides has the potential to manage the warehouse effectively. The operations at warehouses are highly reliable on the good types. The logistics strategy is aimed at minimizing the loss or wastage of goods within the warehouse. 



  • Reduced Expenses


One of the biggest challenges in supply chain management is to manage the operation cost. People struggle to manage their cost accounting procedures but a simplified logistics program can help reducing expenses like warehousing and transportation. It eliminates the larger expenses completely to bring more profitability to the business. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in international trade and finance, we are uniquely qualified to handle the ever-evolving demands of our clients. We are capable of conducting transactions in every major currency, and our own line of credit allows us to work with each client on a case-by-case basis.



  • Customer Satisfaction


Key logistics strategies can yield a number of positive results in business. These strategies create value for customers. The better the strategies are, the better value your business drive. Customer satisfaction is an extremely crucial part of business operations. Delayed deliveries can lead to the loss of customers in the future. An effective logistics and supply chain management help businesses to maintain a standard of customer satisfaction without much hassle. By offering our clients enhanced sourcing, lower prices through aggregated volume, competitive financing options, local expertise, end-to-end oversight, and ongoing fulfillment services, we help to simplify the international trade so that our clients can focus on what’s important. 

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