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The Banker Group’s New Initiative On Infrastructure Projects at Malaysia To Offset the slowdown due to the Covid-19 Crisis

by admin / Friday, 05 March 2021 / Published in Banker Group

Royal Fort Infracom LLC, a part of the Banker Group offers a helping hand to Malaysian infrastructure projects. Malaysian government and large corporations have been battling to source infrastructure supplies because of the current emergency situation, created due to the Covid-19 lockdowns across the globe. Presently, with the assistance of Banker Group, founded by Mr. Rupin Banker, the large corporates in Malaysia can easily source the infrastructure supplies in mass with adaptable credit terms and extended moratorium periods. 

These flexible and extended credit terms strengthen the Infrastructure project owners ability to implement projects timely and pay off the project finance from the returns obtained from the projects. Without a doubt, the capacity to offer a moratorium on payments, longer credit terms, and project finance structuring abilities of the Banker Group is an enormous advantage to the clients. Further, these benefits have been passed onto the Malaysian large corporates in the form of flexible credit terms and a moratorium period of a year. 

The company Royal Fort Infracom General Trading LLC, a part of the Banker Group, founded by Rupin Banker has been operating for over 8 years as a global infrastructure supply industry. At its core, it holds strong principles and corporate values. Mr. Rupin Banker started this organization with a vision to value based supplies at a large-scale, the group has been thriving in the global market. 

However, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Malaysian business, particularly the infrastructure industry has felt the stress of the lockdowns. Most large-scale businesses were facing delays in sourcing supplies which hindered the project implementation. The western governments have been able to offer liquidity injections into the economy. Most Asian countries have also extended moratoriums on interest payments and have injected liquidity into the economies to push spending and help the economy. 

In such conditions, the initiative of the Banker Group has brought a well timed solution to most of the large corporates of Malaysia. After all, the essence of this company’s identity is found in its principles, core values, and beliefs. Over the years, it has quickly garnered huge popularity across the world due to its standardized trading process and strong core values. 

Since the Banker Group depends on exclusive operating procedures and techniques that manage the warehousing, loading, storing, the supplies are sent, allotted, and sourced at fixed margins to customers. Irrespective of the market changes, the large corporates of Malaysia can benefit from this initiative of the Banker Group.

Without a doubt, the accomplishment of Royal Fort Infracom has been acclaimed commendable achievements over all things together with its viewpoints. Regardless of areas, the Royal Fort Infracom LLC has been giving 100% assurance to suppliers, traders, logistics partners, financial institutions. Having A very innovative entrepreneur, Rupin Banker as their founder, the organization has been flourishing worldwide since its inception. With their coordination and sourcing mastery, the group consistently delivers a very high degree of value to its clients. 

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