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How Flexible Credit Terms Of The Banker Group Benefits Their Clients

by admin / Tuesday, 06 October 2020 / Published in Rupin Banker Group

As the competition is stepping up in the business realm, it’s becoming more and more important in today’s world to work towards the benefits of clients. However, being a global business operation, the Banker Group, we are proud to be able to use our reach, local knowledge, and financial strength to secure excellent terms for clients. Therefore, we have always been on an exciting journey of growth since inception and are open to avenues of collaboration as we look for new opportunities on the global stage. The founder of the group Rupin banker always believes in keeping a straightforward and transparent business approach so that there remains no dilemma amidst clients.

Our company quickly gained repute as a preferred supply chain partner after a short span of starting our operation. The reasons behind this success are many, to name a few our financial strength and ability to buy in bulk allows it to deliver price competitiveness coupled with transparency, reliability, and consistently high levels of service delivery. We have already standardized our trading processes and service delivery to deliver successful trading opportunities and genuine value for clients

The banker group with its founder Rupin Banker, has created stringent policies to guide its investments. Our financial discipline and investment guidelines reduce exposure to risky highly leveraged businesses, which in turn protects clients from market volatility. Intelligent financial resources allow it to source in bulk from reputable suppliers. We have created a virtuous network of long-term relationships with its suppliers, resulting in lower costs economies of scale.

These benefits are passed on to clients in the form of better than market prices. Speaking of the credit facilities, Banker groups flexible credit offering is matched with the requirements of the project or borrower, and we offer credit terms from 60 days to 7 years. We have streamlined the system to extend credit, allowing clients to benefit from zero interest facilities that extend a buffer up to 6 months. For clients, the Group’s robust insurance and credit facilities deliver improved cash flow and reduced risk.

By offering our clients enhanced sourcing, lower prices through aggregated volume, competitive financing options, local expertise, end-to-end oversight, and ongoing fulfillment services, we bring things back down to earth.

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