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An Initiative Taken By The Banker Group: Supplying of PPE To Sustain The Exigent Demand

by admin / Tuesday, 29 September 2020 / Published in Banker Group

As the number of COVID -19 cases along with awareness that protective PPE may be the best protection until a vaccine is commercially available to the masses, has created a skyrocketing demand for personal protective equipment. The sudden demand in Billions of Dollars for each country has created a high demand –  supply shortage scenario.  The rapid spread of COVID 19 disease all across the globe suddenly increases the demand for PPE. Due to the ramification of the virus, PPE kits are being introduced for the medical professionals, along with the personell of various industries. Amidst this time, internationally reputable companies like the Banker Group founded by Rupin Banker are pleased to be a key supplier of PPE kits to various governments. Who have participated in inter government and WHO programmes. The first delivery of emergency PPE and lab tests in Iran was organized by the WHO Operations, Supply, and Logistics arm (OSL) in cooperation with the International Humanitarian City (IHC) based in the UAE. These large supply of PPE kit will be beneficial for the following,

  • Medical Worker safety

As the numbers of positive cases are increasing rapidly so increasing the demand of the PPE kit for the medical workers working in the frontline, it’s like a snowball effect. These medical PPE kits are for one-time use, that is why a constant supply is necessary.  As a result of this, the medical industry is showing a huge demand for PPE kits. In such a time, the initiative taken by the Banker Group’s founder Rupin Banker is highly praised in the international media.

  • Growth In Construction Sector

The construction sector has already shown the importance of PPE kit for their works. As construction sites are hotbeds for accidents, where workers get seriously injured or die, because of malfunctioning machines or faulty protective equipment. These workers also face lots of hazardous working conditions so the importance of quality PPE kit is undeniable, which increases its demand further during conditions like COVID 19. In a sector like this where exporters are estimating the growth of 3.9 percent per year, securing the worker’s life procuring proper PPE equipment is the most important thing right now.

  • Workplace Safety

Several businesses across the industries globally are being hit due to the COVID 19 lockdown announced by the federal governments globally. To speed up the workflow again governing authorities are constantly regulating the workplace safety of workers, which is one of the main factors to increase the demand for personal protective equipment. Organizations such as NIOSH, OSHA are making sure that factory owners and manufacturers are taking adequate safeguards for their workers. Changes like these in the governing and corporate regulations, naturally giving an extra boost to raise the demand for PPE kits.

These are the main contributing factors to raise the demand for PPE kits. Every industry is showing a huge demand for PPE kits, such as masks, face shields, gloves. Most of the demand is coming because of mass panic. Many of the industries that we rely upon to facilitate end-to-end trades are inevitably hampered by the far-reaching ramifications of the virus. Workforces are unable to attend manufacturing or distribution centers, placing their operations at a standstill. However, BANKER GROUP is confidently performing and upholding their continued success against this challenge. That is why making sure that the PPE kits are getting utilized properly not only copes with the demand but also reduces a lot of issues such as panic buying and other health issues.

BANKER GROUP will continue to source and supply for the foreseeable future and for as long as these crucial demands remain. We recognize the role we are playing during this testing time for us all and we are proud to be part of the global efforts to provide humanitarian aid.

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