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KYC Form


  • Trade License
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Passport copies of all beneficial owners of the company / Passport copies of all authorized signatories declared
  • Personal Utility Bill (i.e. water bill, electricity bill or lease agreement)


  • We only accept documents in English. Documents in other languages should be translated by a notary public.
  • The above are the initial required documents, other documents might be requested accordingly if necessary.
  • Agreements/Contracts will be sent after the compliance department has approved your application
  • For more queries regarding your application, please contact our department via email or cal +971-x-xxxxxxx.

Basic Information

Company Name (As per trade License) :

Country of Establishment :

Year of Incorporation :

Beneficial Owner/Authorized Signatory 1 :

Beneficial Owner/Authorized Signatory 2 :

Beneficial Owner/Authorized Signatory 3 :

Office Address :

Telephone Number :

Fax Number :

Website, if any

Mobile Number :

Email :

Do you have a company policy? Yes or No (If yes, please provide us a company for our references)

What generates revenue for the Company?
Main Business ActivityOther business interests/activities

Bank Details

Primary Bank Name :

Bank Address :

Year(s) of relationship with the bank :

IBAN Number :

Beneficiary Name :

Beneficiary Address :

Personal Information

Beneficial Owner Beneficial Owner Beneficial Owner
Authorized Signatory Authorized Signatory Authorized Signatory
Both Both Signatory 3
Complete Name
Date of Birth
Home Address
Mobile Number(s)
Email Address
Source of Wealth (Net Worth) Business Business Business
Salary Salary Salary
Inheritance/Gift Inheritance/Gift Inheritance/Gift
Investment Incomes Investment Incomes Investment Incomes

Supply Chain Procedure

What is your supply chain procedure and/or policy for verifying the source of metal?

What is your policy regarding Anti Money Laundering & Combating Financial Terrorism?

Do you keep records of companies that you usually buy metals from? YesNo

If yes, please provide a sample KYC form and choose the following:

Passport CopyMining LicenseOthers (Please Specify)


Beneficial Owner/Authorized Signatory 1
Beneficial Owner/Authorized Signatory 2
Beneficial Owner/Authorized Signatory 3


Source of Funds & Equities

The undersigned hereby warrants to Banker Group that the metals/funds to be delivered to Banker Group for trading have been procured through legal means and have been acquired from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict or incompliance with any United Nations sanctions, resolutions, or human rights violations. To the best of my knowledge, I the undersigned hereby guarantees that these metals are conflict-free, free from child labor and have been sourced through proper channels.

Company Name:

Beneficial Owner/Authorized Person Name:


Date :