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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

The Banker Group uses its exceptional sourcing capabilities to deliver high volume quality pharmaceutical intermediates to markets in India, Asia, and the Middle East. The Group’s pharmaceutical trading credentials are particularly entrenched in India, where most of the country’s leading pharmaceutical brands are on the Group’s client roster. The Banker Group prides itself on transparent pharmaceutical intermediate sourcing, backed by documents of purchase that detail origin, quality and inspection reports.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates2



The Banker Group is spurring economic growth in developing markets by delivering high volumes of finished and structural steel to business partners in India and the Middle East. Largely shipped as pipes, rods and towers, Banker Group’s steel powers new infrastructure and prosperity. The Group’s sourcing expertise and extensive volumes allow it to deliver high quality steel at market-beating prices.


The Group’s coal trade keeps the fires of economic development burning in power and cement plants across emerging markets in the Middle East and India.


Plastics & Petrochemicals

plastics and petrochemical2

Through the acquisition of Dubai-based East Coast Petroleum, the Banker Group has diversified its trading activities into plastics, refined polymers and crude oil. The Group’s sourcing occurs in Middle Eastern markets, with petrochemical products flowing towards fast growing economies such as India and China.


The Banker Group has expanded its healthcare operations through its MAIA Healthcare Dental Clinic L.L.C arm, which operates the Middle Eastern franchise for UK dental wellness chain Dentist Direct.

The Banker Group’s chain of Dentist Direct clinics delivers high-end dental procedures through painless and syringeless techniques. The clinics are set apart by cutting edge technology put to use by world class dental specialists.




The Banker Group holds the Dubai franchise for the well-known Delhi Public School chain. The Group’s first Delhi Public School in the city will launch in 2016, and offer 2,500 students the opportunity of following the Indian curriculum in a state-of-the-art campus.

Real Estate

The Banker Group’s real estate arm has a track record of successful trades in real estate assets. The Group has assembled a portfolio of income generating assets in London, Dubai and India, and also owns land banks in Dubai and India.

The Group is recognised for its flexible deal-making capabilities that include private equity arrangements and buyback options for sellers requiring immediate liquidity.

Real Estate6